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dsc00491.jpgThe crib is finished!!  It has actually been finished for about a month but I haven’t had any time to post the final pictures.  Now on to the changing table and bookcase.  I am cutting it close since as of tomorrow we will be 2 months away from the due date!

Hello world!

Hello all!  This is my first foray into the blog world!  My main intention for this blog is to share photos of my life with family and friends.  I may even get inspired from time to time to share some random thoughts and musings.  Check back often to see what is going on. 

Please visit my Woodworking Projects page to see my first photo diary of my current project that I am working on.  I am most excited about this particular project because I am building a crib!  Now, most people don’t usually start building a crib unless they plan on putting someone in it!  And that is true for me.  I plan on this crib being inhabited sometime in late September when our first child is born!  Praise God!